How Launch my Shopify Store

1. Register Your Shopify Store

Create your account on Shopify. Do not worry about picking the perfect name at this time; you will be able to mask it with a custom domain when you decide your store products category.

Shopify allows you to sell your products across multiple channels, including online store, Facebook store, or even brick and mortar store using POS. Head to your settings page to create your online store under the Sales Channels section.

2. Pick Your Store Look

One advantage of hosted e-commerce platforms is how they offer a selection of great looking store themes. Use Google  to search for store themes that work with your e-commerce platform and pick the one that suits you best. Most themes are built by e-commerce experts and have already been optimized to maximize sales.

 3. Create Content

No doubt you have heard the phrase content is king, and while it is true, your content does not have to be perfect to get started. Optimizing your content will require more of your time in the future, but making use of standard pages for areas such as About Us or Delivery Information from this link is good enough to get started. You can create terms and conditions, standard privacy, and return policies pages using Shopify’s free tool here.

4. Adjust Your Settings

Now go to your settings page to finish your store setup. You will need to add a payment provider, create your shipping rates, and add your billing information.

If you are creating your store with Shopify and live in the United States, then you can use the Shopify payments gateway. Others will need to add their PayPal account.

As for the shipping information, just add the international free delivery. Most of the products you will add to your store will have the delivery charges already incorporated into the product’s price. 


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